Share Trading We offer you various options while trading in shares

Delivery based trading
This is a delivery based trading system, which is usually carried by the clients with the intention of taking delivery of shares or stock

Margin Product
We offer intra-settlement trading upto 3 to 4 times clients available funds, wherein client can take long buy/ short sell positions in stocks with the intention of squaring off the position within the same day settlement cycle

Call your RM
Call your RM allows you to call your designated relationship manager who can execute order on your behalf. Trading on NSE/BSE : We provide you to trade in shares on NSE as well as BSE.

Market Order
You could trade by placing market orders during market hours that allows you to trade at the best obtainable price in the market at the time of execution of the order

Limit Order
Allows you to place a buy/sell order at a price defined by you. The execution can happen at a price more favorable than the price, which is defined by you, limit orders can be placed by you during holidays & non market hours too